SAM LEONG® is Singapore's new approach to beauty. It’s about fun and freedom and being OK with yourself. We make intuitive skin care designed to live with you.

Our vision

Is to give your skin the attention it deserves. We don't just nurture your skin, we want to discover the beauty within. What a joy to look into the mirror & love the skin you're in!

I want to change the way

We are exiting the era of marketing-based skincare and entering the era of performance-based skincare. Skincare needs to be clean, honest, and evidence-based.



Every 12 months, 8 billion people will age by another year, but we can help you look younger with 30 years of research on anti-aging skincare.

Hi, my name is Sam Leong®, MSc, MBA, and I own the company Inkjet Systems. I earned my Master of Science from the University of Texas at Austin and my MBA from Golden Gate University in San Francisco, California, USA. My first encounter with anti-aging was when I conducted post-graduate research at Cambridge in the UK.

The SAM LEONG® Singapore brand partners with dermatologists, universities, and polytechnics to conduct human trials, and is about being clean, honest, and evidence-based.

We're the world's 1st cosmetic brand to formulate with Singapore's natural resources where our anti-aging cleansers, serums, and face mist will maintain your healthy glow like no other.

We offer you a subscription option along with biodegradable packaging to promote sustainability.

And with each of your purchase, we will donate a portion of revenue to the Singapore Council of Women's Organisations in support of gender equality.

We are looking for a $1M investment to offer consumers, regardless of age or gender, our proprietary skincare products.

Help your skin reach its peak and choose SAM LEONG® anti-aging skincare by contacting or WhatsApp me at 90112282.

Presented SAM LEONG

The science of nature

We create transformative skincare with naturally-derived ingredients, designed to complement your skin’s natural activities and noticeably improve how you look and feel.

Today, our scientists fuse over 30 years of plant science and skin physiology, identify bioactive ingredients, and use innovative technologies to unleash their benefits for you.