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🌿 Explore the essence of Singapore’s lush landscapes through our groundbreaking microbiome, a key to maintaining youthful skin. Harvested from Singapore's vibrant ecosystems, this potent ingredient is not just a part of our heritage but the foundation of our science-driven skincare revolution. Experience how SL® Microbiome is redefining beauty standards and keeping Singaporeans perpetually young.

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🌿 SL® Microbiome is a proprietary blend of natural elements and high-grade actives, all meticulously harvested in Singapore and crafted from over 30 years of dedicated research and innovation. Leveraging SL® technology, this uniquely local blend delivers powerful natural nutrients directly to your cells. This targeted delivery system not only nurtures cellular health but also fosters an optimal environment for cellular renewal and rejuvenation, embodying the natural bounty of Singapore.
sam leongsam leong

Philanthropist, Scientist, Scholar


🌍 A Visionary Commitment to Beauty and Benevolence: Meet Sam Leong, not only a pioneering scientist with an MSc and MBA from the USA and a background in SL® Microbiome research at Cambridge but also a committed philanthropist. Dedicated to improving lives both through groundbreaking anti-aging face mist and extensive charity work, Sam believes in giving back to the community that inspires his innovations. His philanthropic efforts focus on enhancing health and education, ensuring that every advancement contributes positively to society.

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